Give up chronic pain in 2020. This is how I did it last year.

Make the New Year’s resolution to give up chronic pain. I did, and it worked. 2018 was lame for me because I was actually lame for most of it. That lousy year was the least active, most miserable, most vulnerable I’ve ever been because of chronic back pain. I’ve had “back problems” for 25 years, but 2018 was especially dark. Why did I put back problems in quotes? Read the book I’m recommending to find out. Last New Year’s Eve, I made a resolution to give up chronic pain. Give up the “bulges, herniations, tears, ruptures, facets syndrome, and degenerative disc disease” I’d been diagnosed with since I was 21. Can you do that? Just give up pain? That’s what I did. I gave it up—not kidding. 201

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