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Code Word. Stranger Danger Strategy

We had a great graduation ceremony this weekend! I'm very proud of all my warriors!

We're excited about starting new material today!


A close call involving a would-be kidnapper and a child armed with a Code Word was on the news this morning, reminding me that we were past due to discuss the Code Word with our little warriors. So, in class, we'll be talking to the kids about the Code Word. This is a word that only you and your child knows. It is to be used if/when you might need someone to pick your child up in the event of an emergency. In that case, you tell the person the Code Word because your child will ask for it before going anywhere with them. If the person picking your child up doesn't know the Code Word, your child should run away. The Code Word should be something a stranger could never guess. We'll also be working on wrist grab releases that you can practice with your child.

See you on the mats!

Daniel Klapheke

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