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Belt Graduation Feb. 9

Graduation is coming up! Saturday, February 9.

The Required Parent Evaluation Sheet can be found here and will also be available at the gym.

Belt Testing will take place during regular class Monday through Thursday (Feb. 4-7). No classes Saturday, Feb. 9.

  • Parents of White Belt students, please scroll down and read the "Belt Graduation Information" message below.

  • New Adult students, testing information for you is under "Belt Graduation Information".

Test fee of $30 is due at the time of the test. Please pay at the pro shop. We appreciate cash or check if possible.

Graduation is scheduled for Saturday, February 9. Additional information below:

Kids with at least 3 black stripes (3rd one earned test week) and red, white, and blue stripes are qualified to attend the ceremony.

Ceremony Times for kids 4:30 Level I kids 5:30 Level II & III kids

Belt Testing Check list: · Belt testing (In class this week) · Test fee of $30 due at time of belt testing · Code of Conduct assignments are turned in for red, white, and blue stripes

· Kids Complete Home/school evaluation sheet

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