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Give up chronic pain in 2020. This is how I did it last year.

Make the New Year’s resolution to give up chronic pain. I did, and it worked.

2018 was lame for me because I was actually lame for most of it. That lousy year was the least active, most miserable, most vulnerable I’ve ever been because of chronic back pain. I’ve had “back problems” for 25 years, but 2018 was especially dark. Why did I put back problems in quotes? Read the book I’m recommending to find out.

Last New Year’s Eve, I made a resolution to give up chronic pain. Give up the “bulges, herniations, tears, ruptures, facets syndrome, and degenerative disc disease” I’d been diagnosed with since I was 21. Can you do that? Just give up pain? That’s what I did. I gave it up—not kidding. 2019 was the most active year in my life, including kickboxing in Thailand. No more pain pills or Ibuprofen. Just this morning, I did 3600 kicks and punches in an hour--1 per second.

Going from around 100 kicks and punches in all of 2018 to 3600 in one hour wasn’t easy. It started with reading a book, trusting what it contained, and making small, life-changing adjustments to the way I viewed my body. I improved the quality of my life 100 fold.

Over a single weekend, my condition improved substantially. After a couple weeks, I was probably performing at 75%. At a couple months, I was around 85-90%. By the fifth month, I was training hard for Thailand. At month ten, I was pushing myself to the limit at one of the preeminent Muay Thai gyms in the world—Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket Thailand.

I’m closing in on 46 years old and could run circles around the 26 year old version of myself.

Many of you have asked how I made this transformation. Well here’s the big secret: A book. Seriously. Reading. I know some of you were hoping I had some mystical ninja potion or samurai routine I learned from a warrior priest in the mountains of Japan or underwent a metaphysical metamorphosis from months of isolation in a monastery under the tutelage of a zen Buddhist warrior monk. Nope. I read a book. If you possess a 3rd grade reading level, you can fix yourself.

I literally felt relief as I read it. In this case, knowledge isn’t just power, it’s the cure.

The book that saved my life is called Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection,” by Dr. John Sarno. I know what you’re thinking… “Sounds like woo woo.” That’s what I thought until I became desperate enough to pick it up. I know what you’re thinking now… “I’m glad that worked for you, Daniel, but my condition is different. It won’t help me.” Keep thinking like that, and you’ll never feel as good as I do. Just try it. If you’re that stubborn, at least read the free sample on Amazon to see what I’m talking about. It’s actual science. It’s helped a number of people I’ve recommended it to. I just wanted to give it a full year before I publicly endorsed it. You could be a new you in a year if you want.

BTW, it doesn’t only apply to the spine. I’ve chased away ongoing pain from other problem areas of my body.

Turn off the “bad back” or “bad this or that” narrative and make the New Year’s resolution to give up chronic pain. Get moving!

You’ll thank me later,

Daniel Klapheke

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