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Belt Test Week. Closed Saturday

This week is belt testing week.

Please try to bring your child to class on Monday or Tuesday if possible. That way, if they don't perform well, they can try again on Thursday.

New students on the trial program may participate in the testing process as practice for their real test in August.

Because it's test week, we'll be closed Saturday, May 15.

Testing will take place during regular classes. Students who have sufficient attendance and knowledge of the material will be promoted. Belts will be awarded the following week in class. Attitude and behavior are a large part of qualifying for a new belt. We encourage parents to let us know if their child is not displaying the attributes of a future black belt at home so we can address these issues before promoting them.

Test fee of $30 per belt is due before the test. These can be paid in person with a card or cash, on Venmo @Daniel-Klapheke, or email me if you want me to take it off the card we have on file.


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